Perfect Venue Lighting DVD is now available on B&H and Vimeo in HD

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As seen at WPPI & Photo Plus Expo - Moshe Zusman brings you his techniques and tips on how to light a venue perfectly!

Are you properly lighting your subjects but your backgrounds are dark? Is your flash washing out the ambient light and eliminating the beautiful colors of the room? Never settle for bright white faces and backgrounds without detail ever again. We’ll cover the equipment and setup needed to achieve consistent lighting, types and use of radio triggers, how to balance color temperature of ambient versus artificial light, application and use of gels and much, much more. You'l learn how to deliver gorgeous true colors, and capture your clients wedding exactly as they remember it.

Some of the topics in this video: 

  • types of light sources
  • correcting color balance
  • creating a perfect lighting kit and setting it up
  • using wireless triggers
  • controlling the light and many more tips that will guarantee you capture your next wedding reception and event - perfectly!

    * Bonus post production chapter
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